For bathroom decoration, should I choose a glass shower room or a shower curtain?

No.1 Bathroom size

Regardless of whether you choose an arc-shaped or diamond-shaped shower room in the bathroom, the smallest size should be 800*800MM, installed between the two walls of the bathroom. If the family members are larger and fatter, the size of the glass shower room should be increased. There are also “flat-shaped” and “square-shaped” shower rooms, which also require installation space. Taking a house of 100 square meters as an example, the bathroom is basically about 5 square meters. A glass shower room of this size is naturally no problem. If there is no room to install a shower room in a mini-sized bathroom after the wash basin and toilet are placed, then give up the shower room and choose the shower curtain.

No.2 Family budget

It is normal for a brand’s shower room to cost several thousand yuan, but a shower curtain only costs tens to hundreds of yuan. The difference between the two is nearly 10 times. If the decoration budget is tight, some people will give up the shower room and choose shower curtain, but we suggests For the sake of long-term benefits, it is more practical to choose to install a shower room.

No.3 Personal hobbies

There are some peoples who have a large bathroom with a large decoration budget and no problem, but he still chooses the shower curtain. The reason is: the shower curtain can often be replaced with different styles. You can change whatever you want according to your mood. It feels very wonderful, and the shower curtain The shower room without glass looks rigid and dull, and a beautiful shower curtain is installed to make the bathroom more beautiful. This is a personal hobby, most of which are chosen by literary and artistic families.

That is all, and I hope it can help!