Functions of shower room

Modern household has higher and higher requirements for bathroom facilities. Many families want to have an independent bath space. So what are the advantages of independent bath space?

1. Can be divided into independent bath space. Generally speaking, the toilet and washroom of residential buildings are mostly combined, and the installation of bathrooms is a reasonable choice. This can create a relatively independent bath space to avoid mutual influence and facilitate daily life.

2. Save space. Some family bathroom space is small, can’t install bathtub, and shower room can save a lot of space.

3. With the shower room, when using the shower head, the water will not splash out and wet the whole bathroom floor.

4. In winter, the use of shower room can also play a role in heat preservation. Water vapor gathers in a narrow space, so the heat will not dissipate quickly, which makes people feel warm. And if toilet is bigger, do not have shower room again, even if have heating, also often feel very cold.

5. The shower room is rich in shape and bright in color. Besides the function of bathing, it is also a good decoration.