Key points of shower room decoration.

Where is the most important decoration area in the bathroom? Someone answered the toilet and washing area, in fact, the first important thing is the shower room! The shower room has a large water flow, and a lot of hardware is used. The way of partitioning depends on the specific situation, everything, we will use an article to tell you today.


1. The most important waterproof measure is not sloppy
This must be put first to illustrate that the shower room has such a large amount of water vapor, the most basic waterproofing project must be done.


2. Shower room hardware should be selected

At present, the mainstream glass shower room requires hardware accessories such as hinges, pulleys, guide rails, hinges, handles, and water retaining bars. It is recommended that the hinges use stainless steel with high corrosion resistance. Push-pull glass doors need to personally select the guide rails. Squeeze it with your hand. If there is a noticeable depression, it means that the quality is not good enough.


3. The glass of the shower room should be carefully selected

After the hardware is selected, the most important thing about the glass shower room is its glass quality. I also want to say that even the best quality tempered glass or explosion-proof glass cannot be 100% explosion-proof, and there is a certain probability of explosion.What we can do is to choose laminated glass and attach an explosion-proof film to prevent fragments from splashing on the body.


4. The shower equipment must be complete

There can be more types of showers, not only hand-held showers, but top-spray showers are also very comfortable to use. They are suitable for immersive bathing. The water on the top shower can fall like a waterfall, which can make full use of the water flow. Follow the hair to the heel to ensure proper water output.