Reasons for easy derailment of shower room

It is often reported on the Internet that the shower room is derailed, and the glass door of the shower room has fallen off. Today, I will analyze the reasons with you. The key point of the shower room derailment is the pulley, which basically determines the track. Today, I want to share with you that single round is the biggest problem of derailment of shower room.

There is a certain gap between the groove wheel and the track. The cooperation is not perfect. Sometimes when the force is too strong or something is stuck, derailment will happen.
Now the industry generally uses double row pulley, double row pulley will not derail, slide smoothly, and will not affect safety.This kind of groove wheel is easier to clean than the upper pulley, because the protruding guide rail is more convenient to clean.

Some people ask, may let everybody more puzzling, since single round is so bad, why other people sell so well? This is mainly the price concessions, at the same time, promotion efforts. In addition, some are purchased by decoration companies, but not for their own use. As long as the price is cheap, it will look good.