Shower door hardware accessories seem small but very important

Consumers must not ignore, shower door hardware accessories seems small but very important!

The hardware fittings of shower door seems small and inconspicuous, but they play an important role. If the shower door lacks any small hardware accessories, it is likely to affect the overall safety and service life of the shower room. So when choosing shower enclosure, we must pay attention to whether the hardware accessories have been installed completely.

Generally choose shower door accessories mainly look at handles, slide rails, shower door rollers, wall clips etc., remember that none of them can be leaked. Although the hardware accessories are small, they have a great impact on the use experience of the shower room. If you don’t have a handle in the shower room, how can you open the door? If you don’t have a slide door roller, how do you move like this? If you don’t have a wall clamp, do you want to consider the overall safety of the shower room? Etc. In particular, the flexibility of the three parts of shower door handle, shower door roller and wall clamp, and the nesting with the shower room, etc.

(1) The handle is smooth and stable, not too angular and easy to handle. There are two aspects to consider in the selection of handle. One is the overall shape of handle. In the decoration of shower room, the quality and shape of handle can give people aesthetic feeling. Another aspect is the material of the handle. At present, stainless steel and space aluminum are the main materials of the handle on the market.

(2) The slideway is smooth and airtight, and it is difficult to judge the compression and weight resistance of the wheel, seat and track by naked eyes. The main reason is whether the nesting between the door roller, track and glass is good, the gap is small, and the sliding is smooth. Generally, the shower door rollers material marked in the manual as stainless steel and synthetic material,engineering plastic will be better. The wheel body  shall be made of compression and weight resistant materials, such as 304 stainless steel and synthetic zamak material. The sealing of wheel seat is good, water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheel is guaranteed.

(3) The vertical and horizontal adjustment of the wall clamp is unimpeded, which is the most easily neglected detail. The wall clamp is the aluminum material connecting the shower room and the wall, because the inclination of the wall and the deviation of the installation will lead to the distortion of the glass connected to the wall, thus the glass self explosion. Therefore, the wall connecting material should have the function of adjusting the vertical and horizontal direction, so that the aluminum material can cooperate with the distortion of the wall and installation, eliminate the distortion of the glass, and avoid the self explosion of the glass. If it is relatively rigid and inconvenient to adjust, it must not be used, so as to avoid the self explosion caused by the distortion of the glass during the installation and use.