Worry about the bathroom leaking and damp?pay attention to these points

Today I will share the king of bathroom details-shower room.

When it comes to the toilet, we have to talk about the separation of dry and wet. Nowadays, apart from making the washbasin outside the bathroom, the mainstream approach is to integrate the shower area, wash area, and toilet area in the bathroom, so the shower room The addition of it is extremely important.

As a toilet, it has always been a hard-hit area where home life is prone to water leakage and mildew. Doing a concealed protection project can be said to be a top priority. However, in addition to making a waterproof layer and purchasing a good floor drain, make a shower room. It can be said to be a very wise choice.

In most cases, the shower room uses the glass door and the water blocking strip at the bottom to block the water flow and water stains generated during the washing process. To a large extent, it avoids the long-term water splashing outside the shower room, and gets damp and moldy. Some owners who pursue simplicity or reduce budget adopt shower curtain. Although the cost is saved, the waterproof function is less than 30% of that of the sliding glass door Everyone, if conditions permit, we should buy glass shower room as much as possible. In addition, in order to achieve good waterproof, the water retaining strip must be embedded in advance.

It is also very important that some friends may not walk on the floor of the shower room in order to save budget or be affected by past life experience. In this way, in the long run, the shower room will easily generate a layer of scale due to water accumulation.Therefore, it is suggested that we should use marble or ceramic tiles that can be polished with slots in the shower room floor decoration, and make a cornerstone about 1.5 ± 0.5cm higher than the level in the center of the shower room.